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BV Sport: specialists in the use of compression garments to aid recovery

BV Sport first came to public attention in 1998 when they equipped the victorious French team at the football World Cup.

After 4 years of development testing on elite sportsmen, their breakthrough innovation was a specific form of compression sock that provides graduated pressure on the calf muscle, constricting the large veins and increasing the muscle’s effectiveness as a pump. The result is a significant increase in the blood flow deep in the muscles, with the benefit of much quicker oxygen resupply and quicker elimination of the lactates, free radicals, CO2 and other toxins produced during exercise.

Almost 20 years later, BV Sport has equipped over 2500 professional athletes, including 230 World Champions in disciplines as varied as basketball, rugby, tennis, judo, triathlon, football, marathon running and of course cycling.

Why should I be interested?

In everyday terms, if you wear properly designed compression socks post-exercise, you will recover more quickly and suffer much less (if at all) from the feeling of heavy, stiff legs. This is not a marketing claim: we are ourselves convinced users of the product and can vouch for it.

Our experience

The Alpine Cols coaching team all individually (and independently!) chose to buy a pair of BV Sport’s PRO-RECUP Elite socks several years ago and have been using them ever since.

We put them on as soon as possible after exercise, and wear them for between two and four hours. Extremely simple to use, they work very well on their own and are even more effective when combined with Compex electrostimulation and hands-on massage.

The partnership with BV Sport enables us to move to the next level in the use of this technology. Over the next few months we will be testing two new products:
–    Compression shorts (also for use post-exercise, combined with the socks)
–    Cycling bib-shorts with built-in compression (for use during training).

We will be reporting our findings and any suggestions for design improvements back to BV Sport, and will also post them here.

Available for sale

Finally, we will have a good selection of PRO-RECUP Elite socks in stock for sale to participants on our training camps. They cost €64.50 per pair, which we think is money well spent!


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